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Annisya, a new comer to the independent music industry is ready to add new colors to Indonesia’s R&B world. As an indie artist, she thrives to explore the music industry in her own way, which is one of the reasons she decided to go ahead with writing in english for her first single ‘WZTED’ recently released on 20th September.


Born in 2001 and raised in Jakarta as an only child , she was independent in exploring what her passion was. She states that her music is influenced by SZA, HER, Jhene Aiko, Brandy, and many more. However her other upcoming songs will not typically stay in one genre. As social media developed as did her singing, starting with making song covers on YouTube & Instagram, which has helped Annisya mature even more in music. Eventually, she came to a decision that she wanted to seriously pursue a career in music.


By the age of 17 Annisya had managed to launch her career by debuting her first single ‘WZTED’ which was released on September 20th, 2019 and then released her second single on December 11th of 2020. Both song was written by Annisya herself. Although her roots come from Hip-hop/R&B and neo-soul she states that she enjoys to explore & attempts to make them her “own”. Being such a lively performer, she has the ability to engage with the crowd, and always leaves the stage with a very pleased audience. Entertaining people is Annisya’s mojo, but most of all is being able to share her music and passion with others. Annisya hopes she can keep doing this for as long as she possibly can.


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