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Born in JakartaJakarta, Ardhito, Indonesia on May 22, 1995. ArdhitoPramono wasPramono was always interested in music since he wasa a child and he has since been a jazzjazz of lover also a fan of40s, just40s, 50s, 60s and 70s songs. More than justcomposing musicalcomposing songs, he can also play musicalinstruments instruments such as the guitar, piano and drums.

Ardhito Pramono first appeared on YouTube in 2013when when he covered AJ RafaelAJ Rafael's's songs such as " She WasShe WasMine"Mine". in. A year later after graduating from college, in2014 His2014 to be precise, he began to gain popularity. Hisfirst first single was titled "Heart""I Placed My Heart", was, which wasthen then followed by the song "About"What Do You Feel AboutMe"Me". April. His debut single "Fake Optics" release on April2018, releasing2018, and on August 2018 Ardhito Pramono releasinghis his new version of "Bitterlove".

🔴 Ardhito Pramono Full Live Concert at Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2020

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