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Richard Denny Nahazon Nope, better known as Denny Frust, is surely not a stranger to the Indonesian reggae and ska scenes. Dubbed the “Indonesian Prince of Ska” by many, Denny Frust started his musical career in the mid-1990s in Surabaya. He moved to Jakarta and set foot in a broader and bigger musical realm to realise his potential.  


In 2009, Denny gained fame with the Jakarta-based ska band Monkey Boots. Together, they released two albums: 2010’s “Big Monkey” and 2015’s “Interaksi”. He is credited for writing most of the lyrics on both albums. But after feeling the need to create and express himself independently, he parted ways with the band and released mini album “Tiada Beban” in 2016, receiving critical acclaim. His music gained fans from across the region, including Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. Denny even opened for the Jamaican godfather of dancehall reggae Johnny Osbourne in Singapore in May 2017. 


Denny released his debut album “Jangan Lupa Bahagia” in July 2017, with each track portraying different musical colours. Its first single “Datanglah Kepada-Ku” became a smash hit. Highly prolific, he recently unleashed a trilogy of singles, with the latest being “Better Day” in October 2021. 


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