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HMGNC (read: Homogenic) is an electronic music trio formed in Bandung in 2002 by Dina Dellyana (synths, programming), Risa Saraswati (vocals), and Grahadea Kusuf (synths, programming). Their band name was inspired by their idol Bjork. 


HMGNC joined FFWD Records in 2004, releasing their debut album “Epic Symphony” in the process, which featured a mix of trip-hop and downbeat electronics accompanied by angelic vocals. In 2006, they released the brighter, breezier sophomore album “Echoes Of The Universe”. Several songs from their first two albums were selected to soundtrack the indie film “Cin(T)a”, which marked the beginning of a long-standing collaboration with writer/director Sammaria Simanjuntak. The film’s promotional activities saw them perform in London, Birmingham, Newcastle, and Manchester in the UK. 


They then went on a hiatus before returning in 2010 with new vocalist Amandia Syachridar replacing Risa Saraswati and a full-band format, bring a new colour to their music. Third album “Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom” was unveiled during the same year. After another collaboration with Sammaria Simanjuntak in the 2012 film “For Ucok’s Sake”, where they scored and contributed songs to its soundtrack, they bagged three awards at the Voice Independent Music Awards (VIMA) 2013 for the song “Takkan Stop Here”. 


After a series of singles from 2015-2016, they released their self-titled fourth album in 2017. In 2018, they headlined a successful tour of Japan. 


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