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Formed towards the end of 2019, Littlefingers is an electronic-jazz band from Jakarta, Indonesia comprising Chika Olivia (keys), Tjdika (bass), and David Halim (drums).  


The trio released their first single “Can Good Things Last Forever?” featuring Natania Karin in early 2020, which caught the attention of many and has gained more than 500,000 streams across all DSPs. Their excellent musicianship and attention to musical detail stem from the fact that all members of the band are producers and working musicians who have accompanied some of the country’s most renowned acts, including The Overtunes, Ify Alyssa, and Ardhito Pramono.  


Having released seven singles within the last two years, Littlefingers are hungry for more and are set to make the next step as one of the country’s breakout bands.