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Based in Pekanbaru, pop/rock band Lyla was formed on July 1, 2005 and consist of vocalist Ario Setiawan, guitarist Fare Adinata, pianist/keyboardist Dharma Nuckelar, bassist Dennis Rizky, and drummer Difin Aris. Ario Setiawan, who was a contestant on The Voice Indonesia season 2, joined the band in early 2020, replacing former vocalist Indra Perdana Sinaga, who went on to join ADA Band.  


The initial five members of the band first got together in a band called Mahameru, before it evolved into Lyla. They took the band’s name from the song “Lyla” by Oasis.  


Lyla released their debut album “Yang Tak Terlupakan” back in 2008, before unleashing its follow-up LP “Lebih Dari Bintang” in December 2010, which includes the hit single “Magic”. In May 2014, Lyla put out their third album “Dunia Sempurna”. The music video to their crowd-favourite single “Kamu Cantik Kamu Baik” or “KCKB” features singer Anisa Rahma in a starring role. Fourth album 2015 “Ga Romantis” was released in 2015. Their last single “Jatuh Cinta Sendiri” came out in mid-2020.  


Renowned for their electric live presence and the ability to churn out saccharine-sweet hooks, Lyla are set to maintain their status as one of the nation’s most-loved bands for a long time to come.