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The story of Pontianak duo Manjakani began when Muhammad Taufan Eka Prasetya and Nabilla Syafani were studying at the same educational institution. Their love for music brought them together and in June 2015, they decided to form Manjakani and plucked up the courage to play their own songs. Combining saccharine-sweet vocal harmonies and heartstring-tugging acoustic guitars, they quickly became the talk of the town, and not long after, the country. 


In the period between 2016 until 2019, Manjakani released three well-received singles: “Asmaraweda”, “Sabda Rindu”, and “Asam Pedas”. Their debut single “Asmaraweda”, in particular, brought them to the attention of many outside of Pontianak. 


Manjakani have since performed in various cities across Indonesia, even reaching Kuching, Malaysia at one point. And after a long wait, they finally unveiled their debut album “Saura” in May 2021.