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An Indonesian electronic-folk band from Jakarta, Matter Halo was formed in 2008 and comprise Ibnu Dian and Ganindra Rai. They have released three EPs and a documentary, while their debut album “Aerotiva” was unleashed in 2015. Heavily influenced by Brian Eno, the album featured the single “Travel”, which was inspired by the organic beauty found in the physical being of an aeroplane, and debuted at number one on the iTunes Indonesia Chart. 


The album propelled Matter Halo’s status as a band. They performed at various music festivals including Java Rockin Land and We The Fest, while the track “Teralih (feat Nadin) [Aero’s Tape]” was included in the soundtrack to the 2017 film “Posesif”. In 2020, they followed up their brilliant debut with second full album “Nightvision”, which further reinforced the duo’s musicianship and their reputation as a creative force of nature.