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Founded on March 3, 2013, reggae stalwarts Nath The Lions take their moniker from an amalgamation between the names of frontwoman and driving force Nathalia and the group’s musicians The Lions. Based in Bilangan, Menteng Dalam, Tebet in South Jakarta, Nath The Lions released their debut EP “Aminah Menjadi Berita” in 2013, followed by debut album “We Are Blessed” in 2014, which finally made its way to digital streaming platforms in early 2021. 


Resilient, robust, and adored by many, Nath The Lions have suffered several changes to their line-up. However, they have not dampened Nathalia’s fire and enthusiasm, who has continued to persevere, perform, and consistently release music, with her latest being the single “Addicted” that was put out in August 2022. 


For Nath The Lions, reggae is a real-life philosophy that can be applied in everyday life; it encourages them to produce music with real-life themes.