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Founded in 2003 during their university days, the journey of Orkes Nunung CS has been an interesting one. Consisting of Nanang, Kamal, Fathul, Budi, Awe, Arip, and Subur, the group first got together when they were still studying at Universitas Indonesia. A happy-go-lucky bunch with a humorous outlook on life, Orkes Nunung CS have transplanted this attitude to their fun and vibrant music. 


After choosing to take their music seriously in 2007, Orkes Nunung CS took part in a band competition and went home victorious in 2009. It led to an offer by a major label, which they took. However, it came with a cost: they had to change their musical direction and their band name. For a short while, they were known as The Nunung CS and played pop music. By 2010, they decided to part ways with the label and returned to their roots as an orkes group, becoming Orkes Nunung CS. 


Taking their influences from Warkop (Warkop DKI: Dono, Kasino, Indro) and PSP (Orkes Moral Pancaran Sinar Petromaks), Orkes Nunung CS intend to preserve orkes so that it would live on as a genre and inspire others to form their own orkes groups. In 2018, their song “Jangan” was included in the original motion picture soundtrack to “A Man Called Ahok”.