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Rifan began his musical career by performing cover versions of songs by Ed Sheeran on YouTube in 2015. He also followed in his then-hero’s footsteps by using a looper pedal for his videos. His immense talents and performances garnered plenty of interest through his videos. His fanbase snowballed not long after. In response to the attention, he released his debut single – and first self-written song – “Pilihan Terindah” in 2016. His debut EP “Statis” followed in 2017, which further reinforced his reputation as a musician rather than a YouTuber. 


Never one to shy away from admitting his mental health struggles, Rifan acknowledges that music has become his salvation. “Temporary Hours” depicts Rifan’s observation of the concept of time, while follow-up single “5207” was conceived after he lost his beloved grandmother. A trio of singles followed: “Depakote”, “Thought Of You”, and “The Color Blue”. The five completed his “The Unsettled” series of singles. 


Citing the likes of Bon Iver as his influences, Rifan’s latest collection of songs is a melancholic tour de force that glimmers with beauty, combining mournful lyrics and poignant melodies with a heavy dose of reverb. Armed with immense talent, a life experience that not many may have lived through, and an exciting new musical direction, Rifan Kalbuadi is ready to make a difference in the lives of his listeners and of his own for the better.