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Indonesian rock band SCALLER were formed in the capital city of Jakarta in 2012 by now-husband-and-wife duo Stella Gareth (vocals & synths) and Reney Karamoy (guitars & vocals). Showcasing a unique sound often described as alternative post-rock, SCALLER blends a diverse sonic palette that encompasses analogue synthesisers and rhythmic time-signature guitars, fusing to give birth to the band’s trademark complex sound. 


SCALLER released an EP called “1991” in 2013, which included the classic “Live And Do”, and followed it up in 2017 with debut album “Senses”. A milestone in their progress as a band, “Senses” featured tracks such as “The Youth”, “Upheaval”, “Flair”, and “Move In Silence”. It peaked at number one on Rolling Stone Indonesia’s monthly charts in January 2017 and came in third in the publication’s Top 20 Albums of 2017. They were also awarded the “Rookie Of The Year” in 2017 by the same magazine. Prior to that, they were nominated for “Breakthrough Artist Of The Year” at the Indonesian Choice Awards in 2016. 


Having headlined renowned local music festivals including Soundrenaline, Synchronize Fest, We The Fest, Kickfest, and Jakarta Fair, the band received international recognition when they were invited to perform at MUSEXPO in Los Angeles, the USA, in 2019. Although their appearance was postponed, they continued their assault on the world by playing in Japan in August 2019. Subsequent international appearances including three shows for Music Matters Live in Singapore, and a showcase at Bangkok Music City in Thailand, further cemented their status as a band to look out for. They recently inked a deal with Archangel Records and released their latest single “Music All We Have”, with a brand-new full album on the horizon.