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Jakartan rock-pop quartet Semenjana came about from weekly meet-ups between four friends to chat about music concerts and travelling. Didit, Abe, Ozie, and Adit formed Semenjana in 2014 and became their second home, where their visions and missions align and bind them together. In their music production process, the band give it their all to produce something special in every output that they release. 


Operating without boundaries and not limiting themselves to a single genre, Semenjana believe that music is all about embracing the freedom to play their instruments and sing. Semenjana has become a concept of its own without any preconceived concept. Their acclaimed debut album “Kalimatera”, which is short for “Kalimantan” and “Sumatera”, was released in 2017 featured the singles “Bandara Terbesar Di Tokyo”, “Front Pembela Indonesia”, and “Tujuannya”, while the song “Jakarta” was included in the original soundtrack to the local film “22 Menit” in 2018. In 2020, they managed to release the singles “Lah” and “#Lyfe”, while in August 2021, they came out with “Samarata”. After several months away, the band finally made their return with the single”Eji” in April 2022.