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With their distinctive brand of folk-pop that melds Javanese and Kalimantan cultures, Soegi Bornean are quickly becoming a fan-favourite for many. 


Formed in 2019 in Semarang, their band name comes from the Javanese word “sugih”, which means “rich”, while “Bornean” originated from their love for the island of Borneo as well as being the place where singer Fanny’s familial roots are from. Comprising singer Fanny Soegi alongside guitarists Damar Komar and Aditya Ilyas, Soegi Bornean released their debut single “Saturnus” not long after they got together. They followed it up with mini-album “Atma” in 2020 before dropping the single “Raksa” in October 2020. In 2021, they came back with a vengeance, delivering two jaw-dropping singles “Semenjana” and “Samsara”, further reinforcing their status as one of the country’s hottest up-and-comers. 


Charged with a dream of expanding their reach outside of Semarang and armed with the aim of inspiring listeners through their music, their live performance is an ethereal experience that will leave a mark on people’s hearts.