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Sylviana is a music project kickstarted by Andhika Sylviana Putra during the tail-end of 2016. Featuring singer Bjohari, guitarist Tio Kevin, bassist Abi, drummer Erik, and Andhika himself on keys and synths, Sylviana is essentially a solo project with a band format. Focusing on crafting melancholic pop/rock songs with lyrics that take on sadness as their central theme, Sylviana’s sound is a finely balanced mixture of classic, alternative, prog, and ambient, all tinged with a touch of melancholy and a lot of minor tones.  


With the belief that their music could be “a bridge for people who appreciate the phases in life, where humans do not always live with joy”, Sylviana makes music for those who feel sadness that could not be described in words; those who are experiencing a sad phase. Heavily influenced by melancholy, 90s’ music, Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree, Chopin, Radiohead, Melly Goeslaw, and Dewa 19, their songwriting often involves spending time in nature to look for inspiration. 


Having brought their exhilarating music live to the stages of various events including Pangudi Luhur Fair, Jams FHUI, Sofar Sounds, and many others, the unique sound of Sylviana is an unforgettable experience to remember.