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One of the biggest pop bands to ever come out of Indonesia, Ten2Five first got together in 1998 when they were still university students in Perth, Australia. Their professional career got off to a flyer when they won a band competition held by Mustang Radio Jakarta in 2003. In April 2004, they released their debut album “I Will Fly” under Explosive Records, which successfully sold 75,000 cassette copies and 17,000 CDs. This impressive achievement won them a Golden Award and two AMI Awards for Best New Artist and Best Song in a Foreign Language for “I Will Fly”. 


The band have released several albums since then, with their latest being “2019”, which came off the back of a six-year hiatus. However, they have also seen the departures of a number of band members along the way, with their current line-up consisting of Imel, Arief, Vito, Thomas, and Ardhy. Despite the changes, Ten2Five are still going strong and continue to become a force in the local music industry and beyond.