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It all started on August 14, 2004, in Denpasar, Bali. Through a mutual love for rockabilly and the genre’s fashion style and attitude, Wis, Zio, and Morris – vocalist, guitarist, and harmonica player Marshello joined not long after – formed The Hydrant with the aim of introducing the culture of rockabilly to Indonesia. The band’s name was taken from Wis’ and Zio’s previous band Hydra. 


Now consisting of Marshello, lead guitarist Vincent, stand-up drummer Christopper, and upright bassist Adi, The Hydrant are widely known as the pioneers of rockabilly in Indonesia. Since their formation, the band have released five albums thus far, with their latest being 2015’s “Lokananta Riot”. It was recorded live at the legendary Lokananta Studio in Solo. Their debut album “Saturday Night Riot” was a direct response to the Bali bombing tragedy in 2002. Second album “Rockabilly Live” was released under EMI Indonesia and became the catalyst for their evolution into a national treasure. 


Their lively, blistering live performances have taken The Hydrant not just across the biggest stages in the country, but also the world. In 2009, the quartet were invited to perform at Pohoda Festival in Slovakia and made a return to the festival in 2017. In April 2016, they made an appearance at the biggest rockabilly festival in the world that is Viva Las Vegas in the USA. With Shello’s vocal skills and dancing prowess – from which he has obtained the nickname “Brown Elvis” – Vincent’s “dangerous” guitar playing, Adi’s acrobatic bass performance, and Topper’s extraordinary drumming, The Hydrant will always entertain regardless of the occasion.