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Breaking the mold of typical pop, Tripov blends a cocktail of genres into their infectious sound. Born and bred in Jakarta in 2020, this trio has been making waves with a string of hit singles.

Yoga Bagaspati lays down the basslines with rhythmic mastery, while Evan Asher's guitar adds a fresh, innovative edge. Completing the lineup is Jilie Kezia, whose versatile vocals shimmer with every note.

Their diverse backgrounds and musical influences converge, creating a melting pot of creativity and fresh perspectives. Their breakout track, "All Day All Night," skyrocketed to 1 million streams, lighting up TikTok as one of 2021's most-watched songs. The buzz caught the ear of Agung Hapsah, leading to a dynamic collaboration on the 2022 remake featuring eevnxx.

Their debut album, "Honest Opinions," is a genre-bending journey from upbeat pop and R&B to laid-back lo-fi and folk. If you're searching for music that moves your body and captures your soul, Tripov is your soundtrack. Keep your ears peeled as their journey unfolds—this is just the beginning.


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